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Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

Getting a tattoo can be a thrilling and transformative experience, but it’s no secret that it can also be quite painful.

This is where tattoo numbing creams come to the rescue.

These topical anesthetics can significantly reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the tattooing process, making it more bearable for both seasoned enthusiasts and first-time ink recipients.

In this article, we will explore the best tattoo numbing creams available on the market, considering effectiveness, ingredients, and user reviews.

What to Look for in a Tattoo Numbing Cream

Before we dive into the top products, let’s first discuss what to look for in a tattoo numbing cream:

  1. Effectiveness: The primary factor in selecting a numbing cream is its ability to effectively reduce pain during the tattooing process. Look for products with a strong track record of providing substantial pain relief.
  2. Ingredients: Tattoo numbing creams typically contain either lidocaine or benzocaine, which are local anesthetics. Ensure the cream is FDA-approved and doesn’t contain any allergenic or harmful ingredients. Some creams also include natural ingredients like aloe vera for skin soothing.
  3. Duration: Consider how long the numbing effect lasts. Some creams provide relief for a few hours, while others may last for more extended periods. The choice depends on the expected duration of your tattoo session.
  4. Skin Type: Take into account your skin type, as some numbing creams may be better suited for sensitive or oily skin. Read reviews and consult with your tattoo artist for recommendations.
  5. Brand Reputation: Trusted brands with a history of producing reliable tattoo numbing creams are often the safer choice.

The Best Tattoo Numbing Creams Available

  1. Numb Master 5% Lidocaine Cream 
    • Numb Master is renowned for its effectiveness. It contains 5% lidocaine, making it one of the most potent options available. Users praise it for its long-lasting numbing effect, which can last for up to 2 hours. It’s also relatively affordable.
  2. Hustle Butter Deluxe – Tattoo Numbing Cream 
    • Hustle Butter Deluxe is well-loved not only for its numbing properties but also for its additional benefits. This cream contains 5% lidocaine and is known for its moisturizing qualities, making it a popular choice for artists and clients alike. It is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
  3. Dr. Numb Maximum Strength Tattoo Numbing Cream 
    • Dr. Numb is a trusted name in the tattoo industry. This cream is packed with 5% lidocaine, offering strong numbing relief. It’s known for its fast-acting properties, taking effect within 20-30 minutes. Users appreciate its reliability and durability.
  4. Uber Numb 5% Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic Cream
    • Uber Numb lives up to its name by delivering numbing relief with 5% lidocaine. It is favored for its long-lasting effect and smooth application. This cream is suitable for a variety of skin types and tattoo sizes.
  5. Zensa Numbing Cream
    • Zensa Numbing Cream is a popular choice among those who prefer more natural ingredients. It contains 5% lidocaine along with vitamin E and aloe vera for skin soothing. Users appreciate its effectiveness and gentleness on the skin.


Tattoo numbing creams can make the tattooing experience more comfortable, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned tattoo enthusiast.

When selecting the best tattoo numbing cream for your needs, consider factors like effectiveness, ingredients, duration, and skin type.

The products mentioned in this article are among the top choices available and have earned positive reviews from users.

Remember to consult with your tattoo artist for their recommendations and guidelines on applying the numbing cream effectively.

With the right numbing cream, you can have a more enjoyable and pain-free tattooing experience.

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