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Best Tactile Switches

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Look, the best tactile switches are largely a matter of preference, but we’ve been able to narrow it down to a few ultra-performers.

These puppies are easy to press and cause you way less stress so that you can type your life way into eternal damnation.


What are the best tactile switches?

Tactile switches are a great way to add tactile feedback and high-precision control to any device. Tactile switches come in both mechanical and non-mechanical varieties, with a range of sizes, shapes, and tactile characteristics. These switches usually employ the use of a plunger or dome that is actuated upon contact when pressed down.

When it comes to choosing the best tactile switches, you need to consider the application they will be used in and the desired switch characteristics such as operating force, electrical rating, travel distance, lifespan and bounce time. Additionally, if a keypad is required then you should also look for waterproofing or dust proofing features on certain models.

Premium: The Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard

The Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard is one of the best tactile switches on the market.

Featuring tactile quiet switches, backlit keys, and a variety of connections including Bluetooth, USB-C, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Meta; it’s no wonder this keyboard is so popular among gamers and coders.

The quiet tactile switches are designed to provide a pleasant, responsive typing experience.

They’re also highly durable and have been tested for up to 10 million keystrokes, making them ideal for those who type all day long.

The backlit keys make it easy to work in any lighting conditions, while the various connections make it compatible with almost any device.

The Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard is a great all-around choice for gamers, coders, and anyone else who needs tactile switches.

It’s comfortable to use and reliable, allowing you to stay focused on the task without worrying about your keyboard holding up to wear and tear.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a “halo-er”, or a valedictorian student, you’ll absolutely LOVE this keyboard.

With the tactical switches     

BUY NOW – $163

Best Value: Durock Silent T1 Tactile Switches

The DUROCK Silent T1 Tactile Switches are some of the best tactile switches on the market.

They provide a comfortable and precise typing experience that is unrivaled.

With their five pins, 67g gold-plated spring, and 70 pcs per pack, these switches offer more features than most other options.

They’re designed to provide all of the notorious T1 tactility without any of the sounds.

Featuring a beautiful translucent turquoise housing and white stem with patent silencing rings for extra noise reduction, these switches will revolutionize your typing experience!

These switches are hand-crafted with the finest imported materials, Premium grade Polymer Nylon and PC Blend Housing is carefully chosen for its superior strength.

The Soft and flexible POM stem provides a luxuriously smooth experience while the gold-plated Springs and Metal Leaf sourced from Korea and Japan ensure maximum durability.

The PCB Mount Style tactile switches offer 3.8mm of travel, 2mm operating force, 67g bottom-out force, and 5 pins connection points all rated to last up to 60 million operations!

That’s a lot of operations!


BUY NOW – $49

Economy: DROP Holy Panda X Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The DROP Holy Panda X Mechanical Keyboard Switches are a complete package of the most desired features in a keyboard switch.

With its Cherry MX Style, Plate Mount Quiet & Tactile Switches, a 65g build weight, and a 3-pin design, these switches bring a combination of performance and comfort that few other switches can match.

With a world-class smooth keypress experience, excellent build quality, and a unique look, these switches can be the perfect choice for any enthusiast who wants to upgrade their gaming experience.

With its low actuation point, it provides lightning-fast responsiveness when typing or gaming.

The DROP Holy Panda X Mechanical Keyboard Switches also features an adjustable click force level with three settings, making it ideal for both gamers and typists alike.

With this switch, you can enjoy comfortable typing sessions with a satisfying click as well as a smoother gaming experience that won’t disturb anyone nearby.

Whether you are looking for the perfect switch for your gaming setup or just want to upgrade your keyboard, the DROP Holy Panda X Mechanical satisfies all types and styles of gameplay.

BUY NOW – $35

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